Collaborations with Jeff Morris - Composer, Performer

While at Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2015 (with master artist Karl Berger), I was privileged to work with composer Jeff Morris on several projects. For his Weblog project, I contributed improvised vocals while watching/listening to previously recorded performers improvising. Visit this Weblog mix. (You may have to refresh it several times to get to a rotation with me in it - but all rotations are good). 

We also did many sessions of improvised singing + a live interactive sampling environment - here are two examples.. 

Poetry Improv

The following videos are documentation of performances of improvised poetry and music. The computer's screen was projected on the wall so that the musicians and the audience could read the poem as it was being written (improvised).

Elisabeth as poet:

Elisabeth as performer:

Collaboration with Susanna Hood - Composer, Dancer, Performer

At Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2015, I contributed vocals for a partly improvised, partly scored work-in-progress, a piece created by dancer/vocalist/composer Susanna Hood. Violin performed by Sophie Cash.

Conducting with Gestures

Group Improv

Singer/Songwriter Improv