Services Offered

Manuscript Consultations

Full-length or chapbook-length manuscript consultation:
I offer detailed feedback and suggestions for helping your book reach its highest potential. First we'll meet, and I'll ask you questions about your intentions for the work — the audience, the mood, the message, the content, the style. I believe that grappling with these questions is a central part of the revision process, and that my role is to be a gentle interrogator. Based on your answers, I'll go through your manuscript on my own time and provide specific, tailored suggestions for how to meet your goals and intentions, on both the macro- and micro-scales: the overall form and flow of the work, and the roles of each individual word. 

For my initial reading of a manuscript, I charge a fixed fee (you can pay* for this below). After I've made this first pass, I will work with you to arrive at an agreed one-time fee for the entire project that suits your budget, your goals, and the needs of the manuscript. 


Live 1-1 Workshopping

Live 1-1 workshopping of individual poems:  Sign up for either 30- or 60-minute one-on-one live workshop sessions with me, done virtually through Zoom or in-person (when possible and safe). You can make an appointment and pay* below. 

Email Feedback

Asynchronous feedback (email correspondence) for individual poems or short pieces of writing: 
Same as the 1-1 workshopping above, except via email instead of a live meeting – you send me a poem or poems and I'll spend the amount of time you've paid for to look it over and provide written feedback. Select a time block and pay,* and I will send you my written feedback by the conclusion of the time block you've selected.

*Acknowledgement of Hardship or Inability to Pay

*If you would experience hardship (food or housing insecurity or going without any essential goods or services) by paying the listed fees, or if you are simply unable to pay the fees in full, please enter coupon code "SOLIDARITY" at checkout for any of my services, to receive a 50% discount. 

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