I am primarily a composer, vocalist and songwriter, but I am also a persistent dabbler in the visual arts and poetry. Contact me at ecblair@gmail.com.

I am currently focusing almost entirely on contemporary composition and orchestral arranging, with the aim of entering the world of writing scores for film, dance, and theatre. I am the private student of composer Kevin Ure and am avidly studying orchestration, theory, and film scoring through classes with Berklee Online as well. Some of my compositions can be browsed through at my SoundCloud page.
I have recently been accepted for a residency in May 2015 at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, working with composer Karl Berger and vocalist/poet Ingrid Sertso. I am also fortunate to have been chosen for a residency at Wildacres Retreat this summer, 2015.
I studied classical voice for two years (2004-06) under Bruce Tammen

I've performed widely throughout Chicago and London. I've released several homemade albums including Country of Origin which features songs inspired by the Halifax Explosion of 1917, the martyrdom of Joan of Arc and the Futurist movement, among other bits and pieces. I've also released a Halloween mini-album (which includes songs based on antique found poems and photographs) as well as an album of music based on antique photos and postcards found in the Historical Archives of the public library in Traverse City, MI. Most recently, I released an album of largely improvised music which I recorded in warehouses, barns, kitchens, etc.

I also write music for artists who perform in theatre, puppetry, art and magic.  In 2008 I co-wrote and performed a historically-based musical A Soldier Of Three Wars at the Peter Jones Gallery in Chicago. In 2010 I wrote, recorded and mixed an album for kids, a collaboration with London-based magician Christopher Howell.  In 2012 I produced a song for Chicago-based performance artists Industry of the Ordinary.

In addition to my own songs, I've performed classical, bluegrass, and traditional folk music, and co-formed a folk noir band called House & Bird (2007-08) who put out a 5-song EP, what do words know. I have performed as lead vocalist in several performance art pieces in venues such as The Chicago Cultural Center and Chicago’s Links Hall. From 2006-07 I was a guest vocalist for many live shows and on the debut album of Chicago-based eco-bluegrass group The Giving Tree Band

In 2013 I was selected as an artist-in-residence at The Art Farm to produce music based on interviews I had recorded with elderly (over 90 years old) residents of my hometown. Sadly, I was unable to attend due to job constraints.

I received a BA in Art, Design & Media with a focus on Photography & Lens Media in 2004 from Richmond International University in London. 
I like to draw, paint, and animate
In 2012 I was selected as the first Artist in Residence at Chicago Detours
I have been a passionate collector of antique snapshots for quite a while. In recent years I started an Etsy store, EverydayVintageLife, to create an income stream from this hobby.

When the rejection emails stop coming through to my inbox regularly, I know it's time to send out another batch of poem submissions. I've managed to keep up a fairly consistent barrage of submissions for over a decade and it's resulted in a few happy occasions of publication. A list is available here.

Reviews of Music

"Absolutely hypnotic... Wonderful music -
how refreshing and absorbing."

- Izzie, VQS New Music podcast (http://www.vqs.libsyn.com/)

"Think of Regina Spektor, but more thoughtful."

- Justin Wayne, The Justin Wayne Show at RechargedRadio.com

“Haunting and intimate.”

- The Homemade Hit Show, London